ARCH GPRS V2 example project – first major release

I have been trying to finish and publish a fully featured and documented program that can be run on the ARCH GPRS V2.

While this is still some way off, I have released a clean(ish) version of the work in progress that can log readings from the Grove sensor to the SD card and print information over USB. As more features are developed, I will be updating this clean version.

The repository can be found on mbed or GitHub. The mbed copy automatically generates documents from my doxygen comments, so please read through these for an overview.

A compiler flag in config.h is currently disabling the GPRS component. Enabling this flag allows for testing, but when it is commented out the program can run as normal without interacting with GPRS.

Feedback is always appreciated, and follow the project if you would like to see the finished product (eventually)!


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