Adding a display panel to the RPi

After successfully connecting WiFi to my RPi, I had something which was headless and portable (except of course, for power). The next step to turn it into a minimally interactive information panel was to add the display. The timing is a bit uncanny because Raspberry Pi just released a 7 inch touchscreen, but I’m going to continue on with my cheapo display as I don’t need touch input for this project.

This is where I realised that my requirements are a bit weird. Having target hardware which has a display, but no (or minimal) human input inherently creates a disconnect between development and deployment. My process will look a bit like:

  1. Develop code on my laptop (Ubuntu 14.04LTS)
  2. Test code by compiling and running from source on the RPi itself by VNC-ing into it
  3. Install software and run on actual setup (RPi, WiFi, display)

The best I can do is to set the VNC client to the same resolution as my display (1024×600).

So I set the system up because I wanted to check out how it would all come together.


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