Morning Panel: Part Selection

My plan to make a minimally interactive bedside display will require a few components to construct the system.

The system is outlined in the sketch below:

Basic sketch of the components of the Morning panel

I’ve selected using a Raspberry Pi for the CPU, which is really a no-brainer. There are mountains of tutorials and forums on how to use the device, it can easily be connected to the internet, and has an HDMI output. It also has two USB ports which I can use for WiFi and Bluetooth dongles.

So far, I have purchased a WiFi module, LCD screen with HDMI interface and stand.

I already have an oldĀ Model B Revision 2.0 Raspberry Pi which is sitting around doing nothing (see here to check your board revision).

There are obvious choices for a bluetooth dongle, but this is an aspect of the project I will leave for now. Any configuration will be hardcoded into the software I write, as this is a dimension of complexity I am not interested in tackling just yet. After all, I am only planning on making this for myself.

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